Hollywood Moovies…


I was commissioned to take photos for the Irish Examiner’s 2011 feature on The Hollywood Fair. The Committee had organised a Hollywood, USA style sign in a field high above the village so it was important to include this.

I used a 300mm lens and spotted some cattle in the foreground with sheep and the sign behind them. There was a frustrating wall in front of me so I couldn’t get down any lower to close the gap between the cattle and sign. It would just about work but the cattle continued to graze and wouldn’t look up regardless of my lunatic-like clapping or mooing. I was just about to give up and accept they were camera shy when my quick-thinking daughter reminded me that her Grandad had taught her a very important lesson on how to ‘blow grass’. She positioned a wide blade of grass between her thumbs, blew and the bizarre squeaky noise made all the cattle look up in my direction. Job done.

Useless information:
How to Whistle with a Blade of Grass