What happened next?


Kerry legend Colm ‘The Gooch’ Cooper was at Talbotstown, a small rural school in Wicklow and was asked to referee a match on their small pitch beside the school. The match was played like a cup final as the boys tried their best to impress the Kerry star.
Sometimes to get closer to the action you have to find a position that’s not always advisable. I stood behind the goal on the downhill side (not as flat as Croke Park) of the pitch. A few minutes into the game, I thought a high ball was going wide but then it started to curl over the bar. My solicitors are still trying to track down the young lad who kicked the ball.



I always try to watermark my photos because the bottom line is a photograph without a watermark can appear anywhere e.g. American family’s web photo ends up as Czech advertisement

One personal example is one of my photos that was sepia-toned and one of the few photos posted on a Facebook page without a watermark.

The photo ended up published in a local paper two weeks later. The person who sent it obviously didn’t realise they needed permission and the paper that used it were happy to get yet another free photo from the public. The future for press photographers doesn’t look bright but that’s a debate for another day!


 And not everybody is happy with my watermarks…

Photographers have trolls too!